The Wonder Method
5 Simple Strategies To Lose Weight

That will fit in with your lifestyle and won’t cost you anything (even if you have kids)!


We are Ross and Duncan, and we're founders of Wonder Fitness Apps.

As many of you who use our apps may know, we created Wonder because our wives (who work for a living and have young children) couldn't find an app the really helped them keep fit in the limited time they had to exercise.

In between taking the children to school, working, and then making food in the evening there was much time for sustainable fitness. Worse yet, their motivation lagged towards the end of the week!

So, as app developers, and people interested in fitness, we set about working on a series of apps to help them get fit, lose weight, feel healthier and tone up, based on 100% scientific research backed up by studies that have been proven to get results!


Why should I believe you?...

Our research led us to extensive interviews with sports scientists, personal trainers, and a huge amount of research of medical publications, weeks of reading PubMed papers and journals and interviews with people who had lost weight and kept it off.

So here is the recipe we found for getting fit and staying fit.

You can do it right now, take immediate action to get results and it won't cost you anything.


Yes, we're giving it to you for free...

Why? Because we want these things to work for you.

If they do, we hope you'll buy our apps to make this process easier and more effective for you.

But you don't have to and these strategies will work for you if you implement them with or without our apps.

So here are the secrets to succeed at losing weight, scientifically proven to work, for everyone.


And the BIG Secret? 

Our biggest finding?

If you can boost your production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is responsible for powering your metabolic rate you achieve vastly superior weight loss results.


HGH, we discovered, is the big secret as to why thin people stay thin, and why when you put on weight it is much harder as you get older to lose it since HGH production reduces as you get into your twenties, and significantly reduces past 30 and beyond.

Staying fit it seems, becomes harder as you get older.

But if you can boost your HGH, you can stay fit and healthy and feel amazing too :)



Here's our 5 Key Strategies for boosting HGH and Losing Weight


1. Intermittent Fasting

This is a relatively new concept but works by putting your body in fat burning mode for longer.

You can think of it as eating for 8–10 hours and fasting for 14–16 hours. This is great as it means only skipping one meal but can boost your production of HGH by 2–3 times and lead to a dropping of body fat — which in itself increases HGH! See strategy 4.

Key takeaway: 3–5 times per week skip breakfast, but eat normally for lunch and dinner. This will boost your metabolism and switch on the fat burning afterburners and drop your daily calorie intake.

2. Remove Sugary Foods/Drinks/Junk Food entirely from your diet

Small dietary changes can work wonders. 

Insulin increases in the body were found to decrease production of HGH so…simply changing a daily orange juice to water to reduce your calorie intake daily and removing sugary foods altogether will massively increase your chances of fat burning. 

Key Takeaway: Swapping out things from your diet that are high in sugar is a great to allow HGH to work at its best. Avoid sugary drinks and foods, and save them for special occassions. Try to avoid lots of carbohydrates especially at night — although DO have some carbs sort after doing strategy 5 as this replaces glycogen.

3. Sleep More.

This is the best advice - ever. 

I’ve got two young boys and there’s no chance of this ever happening for me as we’re always up at 6am. Sports Scientist James Thomas told us the answer was simple. Go to bed an hour earlier. 



Sleeping more can boost your HGH. This is because in the Slow Wave Sleep cycles phase 3 and 4 generate HGH. So if you can do more of these phases per night you’ll boost your metabolism. 7–8 hours is ideal. Peak HGH production is just after you go to sleep though, so power naps work! 

Key Takeaway: Sleep smarter and get enough. As it also means you’re less likely to snack during the day when you get tired and need a sugar boost. This helps with strategy 2!

4. Think Smarter. Not Harder.

Losing body fat actually accelerates HGH production.

We'll say that again. Losing body fat accelerates the production of HGH!!!!

So by working hard initially to lose the weight and controlling your calorie intake can actually accelerate your progress. If you have a low body fat percentage your HGH production is higher, meaning faster metabolism.

This is why skinny people can actually eat more than you and not put on weight!!!

The difficulty is to get there. Which leads to point 5.

Key Takeaway: The less body fat you get the more HGH you generate — which makes it easier to keep body fat off!

5. Perform High Intensity Interval training 5 times a week for 7 Minutes or more.

This is our killer tip. The big secret.

Scientific studies have proven that High Intensity Interval Training for short periods can massively boost HGH production. 

If you follow tips 1–4 AND do this one tip you'll surely get vastly superior results. This is why we designed our Wonder app. To help you with this part of the method (while we build apps to help you with the other parts!).

Users of Wonder lose weight, feel healthier and tone up. The more high intensity training you can do per day the better, but you don’t need to do a lot to see a marked improvement in HGH. 

Image from

Image from

The critical path is there is some resistance so you have to work (Body Weight Training is fine) and you have very short rest periods of maybe 10 seconds in the middle. 

It turns out that there have been other studies into this too, including the 7 Minute Workout published in the American College of Sport Medicine journal and later reprinted in the New York Times.

The 7 minute workout is a full body workout that can be done at high intensity and delivers the equivalent of an hours workout. It has been proven to work really well, and there are other apps that do this effectively.

The problem?

Over a week or so the 7 Minute Workout won't be very efficient. It’s ok for a couple of days a week though. 

Why’s that?

Well for a start, you’re working every muscle group and body system at once. They won’t ever recover enough to be fully effective if repeated often.

In fact it might be counter-productive without adequate rest.

(And it makes sense of course, because muscles need to recover in order to grow stronger for next time.)

But James Thomas (our sports scientist) told us there’s a faster way to get results... 

We leaned forward.

Go on James… 

We could create a ‘supercharged’ version. Then he went on to explain the science again. 


The Supercharged 7 Minute Workout

Simply put it is this:

  1. The body needs to rest to operate at its best. 
  2. Rotate workouts throughout the week focusing on different muscle groups and systems. Keep workouts short but very high intensity to boost HGH.
  3. Rest one muscle group or system and the next day stress another one. 
  4. Push harder and harder so the results compound over time. 
  5. Each week the metabolism will be faster.

This alone would help get the results we wanted so you can become fitter, healthier, lose weight, and the use of bodyweight training would help with toning and maintaining fitness. 

All the things our surveyed women wanted.

How often?

Starting with 7 minute would be fine, but ideally 14–21 minutes per day would really accelerate this. That's all.

14-21 minutes per day, working out from anywhere would be enough to get results.

And if they combine Wonder with the other tips?

Awesome results.

This, we decided was The Wonder Method.

So we created the app to help you produce as much HGH as possible, within a short exercise time frame (so it could fit in with your daily routine) and keep you motivated by delivering awesome results that you can see and feel.





Testing The Wonder Method

Wow. OK. Let’s build it and test it. 

Wonder became a series of 12 exercises per routine, 30 seconds in duration with 10 seconds rest. 

It contains both the supercharged version and the original 7 minute workout version in the app, but the supercharged version followed James’ methodology and had videos of each exercise routine performed by certified personal trainer, Abby Knight.

And it worked. 

One of our beta testers lost 14lbs (6kg) in 6 weeks, with very small changes to her diet — and she didn’t even do the Intermittent Fasting. She did do 14 minutes per day, 5 days per week as James recommended.

Many others reported great results. Now we needed an Icon.


Wonder App Icon

Wonder should give you freedom and tools to feel amazing so we gave it a Seagull app icon.

...and it turned out that Wonder really worked too...


  • 7 Minutes is easy to do, takes limited time and even with low motivation can be done daily.
  • We added personalised notifications to improve it further so you can remind yourself to workout. This made it easy to form a habit, and by seeing quick results this reinforced the need to succeed. So...
  • Levelling up from 7 to 14 minutes per day became easy too.
  • Better yet all the workouts can be done anywhere. At home, at the gym, in a park or hotel room. So there’s no excuses!

The truth is though, as we stated above, you don’t need Wonder to make a change. 


"Steps 1 to 4 of these strategies will be enough to help you make progress towards a healthier lifestyle which you can implement immediately to get results."


High Intensity Training though is the icing on the cake and when combined together these strategies make your results ultra powerful and effective. 

Our app, Wonder 7 Minute Workout was created for just this purpose and delivers really deliberate results. 

It is available on iPhone only at present while we continue to improve Wonder further.

Best of luck with your fitness and health journey and regardless to whether you decide to download Wonder or not, I hope you found the techniques outlined of use and you can get results right now by implementing these simple strategies.


Ross and Duncan

Co-Founders, Wonder 7 Minute Workout.

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