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On Monday 15th January 2018

we're starting our 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

Join us...

The goal is to do just 30, 7 Minute Workouts from our supercharged routine, if you can, double up to 14 Minute Workouts. Easy!

We're going to count off the days together!

We'll give you special access to our BETA programme (and you'll get it free for life, which is great as it is likely this will be a new subscription app ;) ) at some point during the challenge to see what you make of all the new features coming and to get your feedback so YOU can shape the new apps development. 

Wonder is for you after all!


Before you start:

1. You'll want the Wonder App - which you can get here, it is $2.99/£2.99. 

2. Take a BEFORE photo, Weigh Yourself.

3. If you like join our Facebook Group, and we'll post a comment on each day so you can share your experiences with others, or tag us on instagram with your BEFORE photo and weight.

4. We'll give you free access to the upcoming Wonder app (it's new) and over the 30 days ask for your feedback on the app and how we can improve it. You'll then get it free forever, even though it will likely be a subscription.

5. At the end of the 30 days take an AFTER photo and Weigh Yourself. If you've made progress and like to share with the group that would be amazing. 

*Please note we only have a limited number of spaces on the BETA programme due to Apple restrictions so it will be on a first come first served basis.


To get access to the BETA group we'll need your email address please:



Version 1.1 - It's the small steps that make the journey!

This version of Wonder is a major update and is all about empowerment, personalisation and motivation. We think you'll love it!

Here's the key new features.

  1. KEEP YOUR FLAME ALIVE - Your task is to keep your afterburner flame alive and growing. The harder you work the more it grows - and tells you what's happening to your body.
  2. PERSONALISED - Wonder now takes a little data from you to personalise your experience better. Our AI Personal Trainer now makes improved recommendations for workouts based on what you've done, your age, gender, FMI, and fitness. 
  3. LEVEL UP your fitness via the FMI (Fat Metabolising Index) and see daily progress.
  4. REWARDS - Unlock 7 new routines as you get fitter and 25 new workouts.

The new update is awesome and should really help your fitness journey using Wonder.




Which STARTING workout should I Choose?

The Original 7 Minute Workout is perfect for those who aren't able to do the '5 Days On 2 Days Off' routine of the Supercharged workout. If gives a great 'all body' workout and will help you with your fitness journey. 

However, for maximum results we strongly recommend the Supercharged version which pushes your body to the max and stresses systems to get your fitter, faster!


How many times should I repeat the daily workouts?

The more times you can repeat the workouts during a session the better. We recommend choosing based on your fitness level. 7 Minutes is fine if you have a very low level of fitness. 14 Minutes works well for those who have a low level of fitness and 21 Minutes is ideal for those with average to good fitness levels. 28 Minutes if you're really very fit.

But don't worry if you don't have time to do this level every day. Do as much as you have time to do. 


how many times should I workout per week?

We recommend working out 5 days in a row and then have 2 days rest. Rest is very important for the recovery of your  body systems to allow them to perform even better in the following week. 

Protecting Your Privacy

The team at Wonder are very keen to ensure we protect your privacy and that you understand how any data you give us is used.

Here’s a quick guide to the important points.

Data Collected

We collect some data about you when you download the app. This includes some information that we can identify you with such as your device ID.

We don’t collect any health data about you in Wonder unless you choose to share it with us. 

Here’s what we do know...

Third Party Data

We do use third party software which provides us with non-identifiable, aggregated information to improve Wonder for you. This software may identify crashes or bugs in the system for example or it may tell us where people have difficulties and get stuck.


We use notifications to improve your experience of Wonder. These include hints and tips, information about updates and improvements to the app, all designed to help you achieve the results you wish for. We get reports as to how well or poorly our notifications have worked so we can improve our service to you.


We also use third party services such as Apple Search Ads, Google or Facebook for marketing purposes to promote our apps via mobile identifiers. This allows us to analyse and follow which marketing channels or sources are producing the best results for directing customers to download our products and to help us understand how our users are using our apps. This supports the continued development and improvement of our products and services.


Choice is very important to us. We care how you are looked after and when you contact our support team we may sometimes need to know personal information about you in order to help you. You can always decide whether to provide it to us or not.


They’re the key points, but you can read the full details in our latest privacy policy and EULA.